Holiday Gift Guide for the Sporty Girl

Every holiday season I read upward of 50 gift guides. You may read that sentence and think me an incredibly generous and thoughtful gift giver — if only I could claim those qualities. Perhaps one or two reads fall under the category of What To Get The Dad Who Has It All, but 98% of the guides are really to figure out what to put on my list, and then classify them as one of two things: “send to mom and wait patiently till Christmas” or “add to cart”.

In addition to loving gift guides, I adore up-and-coming brands, innovative artists, sporty outfits, ridiculous accessories, Christmas cookies and athleisure. So it is with great gusto that I release this sporty gift guide for all the sporty girls. As you read over the list, I encourage you to maybe find a gift for a friend, and more importantly a gift for yourself. 

Andrea Bergart Cross-Body Basketball Bag — $340


I mean, how cool. And if you thought the bag was rad, wait until you hear about the artist who creates them.

Andrea Bergart is a member of an all-female basketball league in Manhattan and started a YouTube channel called Call Your Ball Friends (CYBF). In the videos, female artists shoot hoops and discuss art.

Here’s CYBF’s mission as stated on the website: “Our goal is to foster dialogue between women artists and the communities in which they make their work. By presenting artwork with basketball as a foil, we hope to add to the discussion around contemporary art. We want to show women as competent and strong participants in the art world and on the court.”

Again….how cool.

Optimism sweatshirt by Sporty & Rich — $75

IMG_0581.jpgEmily Oberg, who founded this brand, is what we unironically call an influencer. She’s had an incredible career in streetwear and media, and runs this super cool magazine. Be influenced — buy this sweatshirt! It’s plain cool, and also an encouraging reminder to Be Optimistic!!!

Ski pass


Okay, to be honest I just put this on here in hopes my mom would see it. Sure, I live in the flat plains of the midwest, but the Rocky Mountains are just a short 12-hour drive away!

Tory Burch Aprés Ski Sweater — $278

Screen Shot 2018-12-05 at 8.27.23 AM

The next best thing to flying down the slopes is lounging around by the fire after, glass of champagne or almond milk latte in hand, looking flushed and fabulous. This sweater is perfect for the occasion. Add Chimi shade blockers and a cashmere hat to complete the look

PreWrap — $14.55



If you’re the practical gift-giving type, this one’s for you. Headband? Belt? Bandage? Choker? Ask any 12-year-old soccer player and she’ll come up with a hundred more use cases.

Dagne Dover gym bag — $155


What is it about Neoprene that brings me so much joy? The structure? Slight squishiness? Scuba-like look? Either way, I dig this gym bag.

Ugg Fluff Yeah slides — $100


Possible use cases for a pair of fuzzy shoes tentatively meant to be worn out of the house: yoga slides, slip-ons for a late-night corner store run for a cold pint of Talenti, brunch moccasins.

Nike socks — $14


You can’t not put socks in a stocking.

A reflexology massage


I recently discovered pure relaxation during a reflexology session. Honestly, after a 75-minute hand and foot rub, I felt more zen than Gwyneth Paltrow on a juice cleanse. Google where to go in your city.

A jersey of some sort


Take a page out of Sheryl Swoopes’ book and refresh your jersey look.

A hacky sack — $8.01



When did we stop doing things to just do things? Like kicking a hacky sack around for the heck of it. Let’s make movement fun again!  Go old school with this stocking stuffer.

District vision running glasses — $199

Screen Shot 2018-12-05 at 7.04.04 PM

Fog-proof and adjustable, these babies are made for sport. They’re also as stylish as they are functional — something we strive for at Func Bod.