New study on old news: exercise is great for the long game

Sometimes you work out for instant gratification: for that rush of endorphins, that satisfaction of sweating out whatever thoughts or feelings you need to expunge, that feeling of doing something kind for your body and mind. Other times, you work out to achieve a short-term goal: to train for an event or hit a certain milestone.

But rarely do we think about how our workouts are going to better us 30 years from now.

A new study shows that we should — it found that regular exercise has a profound impact on how well we age.

The study, which was published on The Journal of Applied Physiology in August, found that regularly exercising throughout your life greatly increases your health in your later years and essentially slows your body’s aging process. The study was relatively small, but found people in their 70s who have been exercising regularly (about 5 days per week for 7 ish hours), have the cardiovascular and skeletal muscle fitness of people at least 30 years younger. 

You can read NPRs full report here.