Calling it now: Athswimwear will reign supreme with streetwear enthusiasts in 2019

I was making my daily Internet shopping rounds when I saw this little number that stopped my in my tracks. Overcome with emotion, as I often am when I see an article of clothing that’s both aspirational and attainable and somehow fits both who I am now and who I’d like to be, I decided I must immediately “add to cart” and spread the good word. This swimsuit is both my past and, I now realize, my future. It looks like what I wore in 6th grade when I kinda wanted to wear a bikini but I also wanted to jump off the high dive and defend my corner in Gutter Ball. It looks like all great trends look like these days: nostalgic yet modern, unbashedly labeled, comfortable, athleisurely, and perfectly Instagrammable.

It’s athswimwear.

Sadly, this suit is already sold out of several sizes. So I got thinking — what other athswimwear is out there in the deep sea of online shopping? Might I try a sporty one piece? How about this high-neck water polo suit!?

I’m a sucker for some good zipper detail. And why not explore other brands outside of Nike, like TYR?

And let’s not forget Speedo.

I’m pretty sure I owned a variation of each of these suits during my summer swim team years. As they say, wait long enough, and all great trends circle back.