Reviewed: Lindsey Vonn’s full body circuit workout

What is it about a good celebrity workout that gets us going? Rationally, we know that a short workout won’t give us Lindsey Vonn’s speed or Carrie Underwood’s legs or Lupita Nyong’o’s shoulders, but we optimistically take them on anyways. I suppose the aspirational aspect is what makes it fun. What do you think? What makes us want to do what celebrities do and eat what celebrities eat and train like celebrities train even if we know the notion of us becoming more similar to said celeb is often far-fetched? But alas, you didn’t click on this story for a psychology discussion. Let’s get moving.

The Workout

Full Workout: Perform each exercise for 30-seconds resting as little as needed between exercises.  Do 2-4 rounds of this circuit with 2-3 minutes between rounds.

  • 30 seconds – burpees
  • 30 seconds on each leg – step-through lunges
  • 30 seconds – tall plank with arm & leg raise
  • 30 seconds -cross behind lunge
  • 30 seconds -superman hold
  • 30 seconds -tuck up

The Review

Tough but not too terrible. Think of this workout as a nice garnish to your workout routine; it’s not too tasty alone, but sprinkle it between sprints or weights or rows, and boy, will it add some spice!

The best part of this workout is how short it is — just 3 and a half minutes. Plus, there’s no equipment required, so you can do it anywhere — in your friendly nieghborhood dog park, on an airplane, in the coffee shop while you’re waiting on your oat milk latte, during Vanderpump Rules commercial breaks, etc.

Overall day-after soreness level was about a 4 due to those sneaky little step-through lunges.

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