5 Reasons Kirsty Godso Is Our Favorite Person to Follow Right Now

Kirsty Godso is a Nike Master Trainer — a trainer to models, celebrities and CEOs. She creates content for the Nike workout app, is an entrepreneur, a smartwater consultant… she does it all. KG’s Nike bio sums up her message nicely: work-life balance, enjoyable workouts and building up the athlete in every woman. We’ve rounded up a few things that make her our favorite person to follow on Instagram right now:

  1. Her Energy

Listening to Kirsty on podcasts like Whoop Podcast and Well & Good  inspires and immediately energizes me. She is a self described “energy dealer” and  talks about how to PYRO your life — lighting up that fire inside to chase your dreams and surround yourself with people that fuel you. This mindset turned into a movement: Pyro Girls, “an inclusive global collective that uses wellness of the mind and body as a vehicle to distribute positive energy throughout the world” and the name of one of her HIIT/yoga workouts.

She keeps it real. Her no BS attitude resounds with me as does her interest in basketball and lifting among other things that set her apart from your typical “instagram fitness model” type.

2. Her Body Philosophy

Kirsty’s consistent message emphasizes placing importance on what your body can do and how you treat it rather than how it looks. She has an athlete mindset: “I don’t care about steps. I’m not interested in calories. I want to know my ability to perform” (on WHOOP podcast). Now that, I can get on board with.

3. Her Squad

I somehow feel a part of Kirsty’s friend group at this point. The amount I’ve learned in 2019 from her about diet, workouts, and general wellness is matched only by following her fellow Nike Master Trainer and good friend Joe Holder (@Ochosystem). I found him through KG and in the same fashion find interesting and inspiring people whenever I go into the instagram rabbit hole of clicking through her friends. Also in KG’s squad and worth a follow:  model @georgiafowler and social influencer/fashionista @livperez.

4. Her Style

Kirsty’s swag is undeniable. She has even designed her own shoe for Nike. I love following her instagram for athleisure inspiration.

5. Her Fitness Philosophy and Workouts

KG’s fitness philosophy is about finding exercises that each person likes to do then building in strength and athleticism. She encourages people to have a performance goal instead of working out to lose weight — striving to achieve something like doing more reps of X, or feeling fitter when you do Y, is a better way to stay invested. Personally I have found this mindset much more successful.