9 sporty streetwear looks we are stealing from this 91-year-old style icon

Forget all my other hopes and aspirations; when I grow up, I want to be like Moon Lin, the 91-year-old streetwear icon from Taiwan. I want Moon Lin’s label-stacked wardrobe, and her refined selfie angles, but more than anything, I want to live and dress by her philosophy:

“For me it’s not about being ‘fashionable,” she said in an interview with HYPEBEAST last year. “It’s just like, I’m 90 years old, I want to be able to do whatever I want to do, wear comfortable clothes that have the color and the style I like, and to not worry about what others are thinking. In fact, we are all learn as a kid. As long as we aren’t hurting anyone, we can choose to live however way we wish. But we normally forget it when we grow up, and remember it again when we get older. It’s like I am a kid again.”

It’s this lighthearted approach to dressing that makes her outfits so fun to look at. But she also realizes that a personal sense of style can have a deeper psychological effect:

“I am excited to wake up and record myself,” she said in the interview. “When I was in my mid-80s, I didn’t want to get up and just wanted to stay in the room because of my physical condition. After I started to learn how to dress myself up, buy the things I like, I started to feel excitement in the morning. I like dressing up and taking photos. I use Instagram to express my thoughts and feelings to people, and this could provide courage to the youth who don’t know what to do next , and make them fearless.”

We’re so glad Moon Lin found her passion for putting together looks. Here are 9 of her best:

1. The plane ride to Paris look

2. The bucket hat / jersey combo look

3. The hyped up pizza earrings look

4. The high-key monochrome look

5. The “You got a hole in your jeans!” dad comment look

6. The adidas looks good with oranges look

7. The casual Supreme flex

8. The late-night McFlurry run look

9. The happy happy yellow look

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拍攝日!今年跟了很多國際知名ㄟ團隊一起工作,他們都覺得月月很有趣!90歲來做這樣的事、分享這樣的觀念跟行動,很像藝術家,但是月月想說的是,其實我們每個人從出生那刻起都是藝術家,都有自己特別的天份,不一定會唱歌才是表演家、會畫畫才是藝術家,像哇去天堂ㄟ老伴,我就覺得他是個創作家,在他老了以後有老年癡呆,常常會忘記事情,或是說一些很天馬行空的事情,我都覺得他很可愛,我每天像是重新跟他交往一次,世界上很多讓人難受的事情,都是因為人後面把它複雜了。 – 不管你是幾歲,或是你在做什麼,你都是自己生命裡面的藝術家,你可以做任何你想做的事,只要你喜歡,也想要做,那剩下就是時間,會帶著你走到你要的目標! – 我今年90歲才完成了我9歲的明星夢想😂我都等了80年,你們都還很年輕呢!加油! – 2018.6.8 拍照突然有感悟的月

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