Traveling the world, diving off cliffs and preventing plastic pollution: co-founders of The Clean Cliffs Project talk about their really cool life

They say to write what you know. Is it still considered good journalism if what you know to be true happens to be the most cringy expression on the internet?

Here it goes: The Clean Cliffs Project founders are #couplegoals.

Phew, glad I got that out. Moving on.

Professional Divers Ellie Smart and Owen Weymouth are on a mission to prevent plastic pollution. As they travel the world to compete, they educate kids about plastic pollution at local schools and pick up plastic on beaches, passing out bags to anyone who’d like to help.

“We know what we pick up isn’t necessarily going to change the world, but it’s the act of doing it and people seeing it and people joining in and getting them thinking about the problem and what needs to be changed,” Smart said.

Watch the full interview below: