Another Serena Williams Comeback Story

World-class athlete, mother, and A-Lister Serena Williams is on the grind again. This time, the superstar is investing in herself with the launch of her new self-funded fashion line, S by Serena.

Serena previously had a stint in fashion school and a partnership with the Home Shopping Network, which is to say this isn’t her first attempt at breaking into the industry. Her previous failures are precisely what makes this endeavor even better. Everyone loves a good comeback story, especially in sports and entrepreneurship.

In an interview with The Business of Fashion, Serena likened the two industries:

“Everything that I’ve been doing in my life and tennis, I can relate everything to entrepreneurship,” Williams said in an interview with Business of Fashion. “Everyone can win when people are supporting them or giving them money and backing their careers. Of course they’re going to win. But if something happens and you fall, how do you recover? How do you come back? How do you change the narrative? How do you be true to yourself and be authentic? For me, it’s the same for the greatest entrepreneurs.”

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