Take notes: Chloe Kim posted her skincare routine

If I could have any one of Chloe Kim’s qualities, it would be her mad snowboard skills. To be able to land back-to-back 1080s on the halfpipe in the Olympic Games would be unreal.

But I’d also take her gorgeous skin — which is a much more realistic option anyway.

In honest “a lot of you have been asking…” fashion, Chloe posted a photo of her bathroom sink displaying her skincare necessities. (Her sick abs also had a cameo.)

Here’s what she uses:

  1. Foreo Silicone Cleansing Device

I already bought this cute little buzzy thing guaranteed to cleanse my pores so I can achieve that Chloe glow. Of course I also purchased the light pink so we can match.

The snowboarding superstar may have the fancier version, but I got the LUNA Mini for $79. Other sources recommend keeping the gadget in your gym bag for a quick and thorough clean pre- and post-workout.

2. Laneige products

Laneige products are made cleanly and are relatively affordable. This starter pack has a few items Chloe recommends for pore care, and it’s only $25.

Ready, set, add to cart!