Sport sunglasses, but make it fashion

The summer of sport continues. If you were worried about how to accessories your athswimwear, the answer is here; sporty sunglasses. Also referred to as space goggles. Or sport shields. Or Official Optical Choice of Man on Florida Fishing Boat. So many good dubs! We’re at the forefront of this trend, so we carry the weighty burden of christening it with some #viral names. Drop your suggestions in the comments section below. But first, let’s shop!

If you want to go all in on this trend, you have 2 options.

Up first: Prada Men’s Active Shield Sunglasses. Optical magazine 20/20 named these spectacles the frame of the month! At $310, these frames are the most expensive on our list.

What could be more all-in than the Prada glasses made for a runway? The frames that were made for sport. Presenting: Oakley Flight Jacket glasses, $223.

I pride myself on sporty style and wearing items that my father would call “interesting”, my boyfriend would call “different” and my friends would call “extra”. None of them say those adjectives in a complimentary tone, but what do they know? That being said, the above glasses feel like a bit much, even for someone who usually prefers to do the most. Here are your options for doing less:

The Luxx Sunglasses by Le Spec x Adam Selman, $129

KENZO Sporty Shield Sunglasses, $170

Illesteva Managua Sporty Shield Sunglasses, $260

Your summer to-do list now reads: buy sport shields, master a water sport, win a tennis match, take a selfie. Get movin’.