Mystics player uses media attention to talk about gun violence in the community; refuses to talk basketball until she sees action

Washington Mystics player Natasha Cloud is taking action in attempts to make D.C. school districts safer.

Cloud announced a “media blackout” until something is done about unsafe conditions around schools.

Her stance was announced after the latest shooting outside of an elementary school broke windows and resulted in a brief lockdown. That shooting was the third time this month violent events happened right outside of the school.

She posted a message on her Instagram story calling out the district’s councilman, Trayon White.

White, who attended the elementary school where the violence is happening, told the Washington Post that he’s been working on improving community conditions for years.

“She’s asking me what I am going to do, and I am telling her that for 17 years I have been addressing the issue of violence of the community,” White said. “She has a good heart, but we need people involved, not just on social media. I have been on the front line doing the work.”

Cloud kept her media blackout promise on Friday when the Washington Mystics played the Seattle Storm at home. The two teams met in the WNBA finals last year, but she refused to discuss basketball despite the big storylines. She gave just one interview after the game, and none of her teammates answered questions.

The franchise posted a statement supporting Cloud’s community activism.

Cloud also has the support of coach and general manager Mike Thibault, who has reportedly encouraged his players to use their celebrity for bettering the community.

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