Coco Gauff released her beauty routine and we are taking notes

Coco Gauff shared her beauty routine with beauty blog Into The Gloss, and now I’m taking skincare advice from a 15 year old.

She told the blog:

“My parents played sports in college, so when I was a kid they introduced me to a lot of sports because they wanted their children to play as well. They didn’t think I would choose tennis because they never played it. Actually, no one in the family played it. I was six when I first picked up a racquet. I remember the first [tennis] summer camp my parents put me in. I didn’t really like that because I just wanted to talk with my friends and not be on the court. I still played other sports, but when I turned 13 I turned my focus to tennis, and then I got pretty good at it. It wasn’t like I liked it more than other sports, I just liked winning.”

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