You can now buy the upcycled sneaker heels you’ve seen all over Instagram

Not all collabs are good collabs. In some sad cases, the sum of the parts is less impressive than the parts themselves.

Take the Pizza Hut Stuffed Cheez-It Pizza, for example. Cheez-Its: delicious. Pizza: tasty. Pizza Hut Stuffed Cheeze-It Pizza: pass.

I thought I would feel this way about sneaker heels. Sneakers provide a comfortable, effortless, cool-girl look. Two of the three qualities would definitely be taken away when combined with heels, which leaves the question: could sneaker heels really give a cool-girl look so cool that it overrides the desire to feel comfy and look effortless?

The answer, surprisingly, is yes.

Enter Ancuta Sarca. She’s the Romanian-born, London-based fashion designer who combines old sneakers with vintage heels. You’ve probably seen her featured in Hypebae, Vogue Australia and Vice’s i-D, the last of which claimed her heel to be “the shoe of summer”.

The result of the mixed materials is utterly fabulous and completely sporty. It’s also eco-friendly. in an interview with London-based retail concept LN-CC, Sarca said:

“There are so many already made products out there that people don’t wear anymore and ultimately they would just end up being thrown away. As a creative, I think we should re-think them and find solutions of how to re-use them in design, instead of creating more and more products from scratch.”

LN-CC is the exclusive carrier of Sarca’s first collection. The shoes are available online and retail for $580 USD.