A Letter from the Editor

We create content to connect females, athletes, and sports culture.

Like any good idea, Func Bod was born from frustration. First from the perspective of a media consumer, then the perspective of an athlete.

After researching blogs and Instagrams for a project, I noticed something vexing; Nearly all female-focused blogs covered health, wellness, fashion or beauty, and all male-focused blogs covered sports. Where was the content about the female athlete for the sporty woman?

We are in the midst of a cultural shift in which women are finally being recognized as strong business leaders, politicians, mothers, decision makers and people.

How can we get athletes on this list of newly empowered groups?

As a journalist not yet turned cynical, I believe media brands are an integral part of creating a cultural shift. Female athletes need better coverage to get more sponsors, and leagues need stronger fans to get more advertising dollars.

So that’s what we’re doing here. We’re talking sports with women and talking about women in sports. Nearly 3.5 million girls play high school sports each year — we curate content that appeals to these sporty girls turned strong women.

Grit. Passion. Hard work. Discipline. Resilience. Style. Teamwork. Sportsmanship. Competitiveness. These are the ideals long associated with masculinity and the themes of every sports story. It’s time to write in the women.


Chloe Stradinger